Protect your investment. Choose genuine Hypertherm torches and consumables to keep your Powerrmax® system running at peak performance. Incorporating the latest technologies and manufactured to the highest standards, Hypertherm consumables enhance cut quality, extend consumable life, and boost productivity.

Do you have an older Powermax or MAX system?

This catalog contains all of the torches and consumables for current and discontinued Powermax and MAX plasma systems.
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Retrofit torches, specialty and consumable upgrades

Enhance the performance of a Powermax system with one of the following. Click on the offering to learn more.

Specialty and consumable upgrades Availability by system Description
HyAccess™ extended consumables
HyAccess extended consumables
Powermax30 XP Extended consumables for cutting or gouging in hard to reach places.
(65 amps and below)
(65 amps and below)
CopperPlus™ electrode
CopperPlus electrode
Powermax65 Long life electrode for cutting metal 1/2 in (12 mm) or less. Delivers at least 2 times longer consumable life.
Any system retrofitted with a Duramax RT torch
Retrofit torches Availability by system Description
Duramax™ HRT handheld and Duramax MRT machine retrofit torches
Duramax MRT for Powermax600/800/900 and MAX42/43
Powermax600 Duramax retrofit torches provide improved performance, longer consumable life and better system performance for older Powermax and MAX systems.
Duramax™ HRT handheld and Duramax MRT machine retrofit torches
Duramax torch with HyAccess extended consumables
RT80 retrofit torch upgrade
RT80 retrofit torch

All torches and consumables may be us.